Foreign Consulate Translations

Need to use U.S. issued document in a foreign country?

Eurasia Translations, Inc. has a long history of translating personal documents for submission to the Foreign Consulates and Embassies. With our expertise, this complicated process will turn out to be quick and worry-free.

Here is a partial list of documents requiring translation:

• Adoption Decrees
• Diplomas School/Records
• Birth Certificates
• Divorce Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Police Clearance Letters
• Employment Verification Letters
• Financial Statements
• Family Registries
• Letters of Reference
• Medical Records
• Baptismal Certificates
• Tax Withholding Certificates

All of our translations come with a Notarized Certificate of Accuracy required by most consulates and embassies.


When requested, Apostilles may be attached to the translation in order to be legal in the country where the document is required. The "Apostille Authentication" is an authentication issued within the framework of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization, and applies to those countries that are signatory members of said international treaty. You can find a list of these countries and further information at

Apostilles may only be issued by a Competent Authority designated by the State in which territory the public document has been executed.

Each consulate or embassy has specific requirements regarding document submission.

Here is a helpful link of foreign embassies' websites in the U.S.: